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An update from Pastor Rudy


I am a wholly devoted Follower of Jesus! I am not ashamed of the Gospel nor afraid to lay my life down if it means the Lord is lifted up! I wish people would stop telling me that I am not a real Pastor because we are obeying the law these days! The reason we don't go rogue and do our own thing is because as a Church we have given our word to our Denominational District and to our local Government and Police Force that we will work within the system because we are all in this together! Love also means staying true to what you say! The Church is alive and well and God cannot be boxed in or locked out! We will continue to be creative! Are we part of a Community? Are we called as Christians to love God and one another? Last Friday, President Trump only urged that Governors open up the Churches. New Jersey needs Governor Murphy to follow suit and agree with the President. To open up now without Murphy's Official Signature only puts our Local Government and Police Force in a difficult and unfair position! Mayor Tim Donohue has been a champion for Middle Township! Police Chief Chris Leusner is just doing his job! It's wrong to make them the bad guys and it's not loving at all! We are in this together! And love doesn't say Me First! It puts God and Others ahead of your own desires! This is a time for Believers to shine bright even outside of their buildings!

I really think that Church Gatherings with proper social distancing should be allowed to meet outside starting now! Or how about people can sit on lawn chairs by their vehicles while they are six feet apart? Plenty of ventilation Under God's great creation? How's that for a compromise Governor Murphy? What's the difference between gathering outside in a big yard or doing the same thing on a beach? Praying! And we'll keep being creative! The Church has left the Building!

The Lighthouse Church weekly ministries beginning may 25th

Interactive study
"biblical change: becoming more like Jesus in everyday life"
Mondays at 4:30pm
Meeting ID: 837 3567 8347
Password: 798516
Tuesday Isaiah Study
starting June 2nd
with pastor rudy
at 2:30pm
Interactive study with
Pastor Gary Tuesdays
at 6:00pm
Wednesday night study 8:00pm to 8:30pm
Meeting ID: 726 9067 6388
Password (all Caps): MAX
Questions?  call Dennis hall 609-224-8888
Thursday bible study
with pastor Charlie
at noon
Wednesday bridge @ 6pm
Weekend Services
Need food or supplies?
Need something delivered?
Need prayer/spiritual counseling?
Call 609 465-6690 or e-mail info@tlccma.org

A Word from Pastor Rudy

Nobody misses being together more than me but we are all in this together and as a Family-as a Church and as a County- we must work together and pray constantly to beat this virus and stop it from stealing so much life from everyone! No one group is being persecuted! It is messing with all of us!
As the Lighthouse Church- we will continue to be creative in the ways we worship and interact together! Thank God that the One we worship never changes and is still in charge! Not even COVID-19 could separate us from His Love! We refuse to live in fear and we will take baby steps to getting all of Cape May County open again! We may not always agree- but what Family does?
Special shout out of gratitude and appreciation to all the Pastors- Police- Government Leaders- Medical Personnel- Retail Workers- Postal Employees and Everyone who is fighting this chaos together!
And Lord- we trust You and cry out to You on behalf of the lonely- the sick- the hurting- the tired- the depressed and the children! Please Lord- Your will be done and Your Kingdom come on earth as it is in Heaven! Hugs to you all! The Best Is Yet To Come!

Statement from the metro District of the Christian & Missionary Alliance

The District Superintendent and the District Executive Committee (DEXCOM) of the Metropolitan District of the Christian and Missionary Alliance strongly urge all churches in the Metropolitan District of the Christian and Missionary Alliance to comply with all local, state, and federal guidelines/requirements regarding gatherings and social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States.
Further, as federal guidelines are lifted, we strongly urge all of our churches to continue in compliance with state and local guidelines/requirements. Moreover, as state guidelines are lifted, we strongly urge all of our churches to continue in compliance with all local guidelines/requirements. Should any guideline be more stringent than the other, we strongly urge all churches to err on the side of caution and comply with the more stringent guideline.
As this is not a matter of the Church being persecuted, we urge all of our churches to see compliance with these guidelines/requirements through the lens of respecting, honoring, and valuing the dignity and preservation of life.
Latest Sermon
Cure Updates
Divorce Care
THursdays @ 6pm via zoom
a Biblical Approach to divorce, separation,
& related issues such as reconciliation,
remarriage and the impact on children.
to join please call bob jackson
sos: sharing our stories
a support group offering fellowship, hope, and encouragement to those who have relationships with those battling addiction.
Every Thursdays at 7pm via zoom
Email For ID & Password: bud_dailey@comcast.net
12-step life recovery meeting
thursdays @ 7pm via zoom
to join please call rubye
Open SHare
thursdays @ 6pm via zoom
to join Please login to zoom

Meeting ID: 612 106 143

Password: 060961

Grief support Group
thursdays @ 7pm via zoom
call AL Dicco for login info
refuse to lose
Thursdays @ 7pm  via zoom
utilizing god's word to navigate through anxiety and depression during uncertain times
join class via zoom Password: Jesus

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