The Lighthouse Church history stretches back to the early 1980's when a group at the Vineland C&MA Church began to pray that a new Alliance church in the Cape May County area would come into being. Vineland's Pastor began a Bible Study in our area composed of several believers.  They has decided to form an independent church which would be a "light" to Cape May County. They named the church The Lighthouse Evangelical Church.

In 1990, the group approached the Alliance about being the core for a new C&MA work. After discussions with the District Superintendent, the Alliance committed $50,000.00 and a pastor to plant the new church.  In October of 1990, The Lighthouse Church of the C&MA began with Tom Brunner as pastor.

Easter of 1991 saw the church move from the Herald Newspaper Building to Rick's Theater in Rio Grande to better accommodate the growing numbers.


Pastor Tom Brunner


In November 1994, the charter members were received, a Board was elected and The Lighthouse Church became an officially organized C&MA church. At that time services moved to the new Middle Township Elementary #2 in Cape May Court House, NJ. Pastor Tom Brunner followed God's call to another C&MA work in the fall of 1996.

Services in elementary #2

In the summer of 1997, Pastor Rudy Sheptock, his wife Terri, and their kids arrived from Christ Community Church in Omaha, NE to be TLC's second pastor. Pastor Rudy resonated with the vision of this work to reach an entire county with the good news of Jesus Christ. Almost immediately, Pastor Rudy began to provide many creative avenues for the family of The Lighthouse Body to go out and about and take the treasure to almost anywhere and everywhere. Through strategic outreaches that were presented free and with no strings attached- God began to add to our numbers daily those being saved!


Pastor Rudy & Terri Sheptock


After many years of seeking, searching, trusting and praying- on Christmas Eve 2009 we celebrated our first service in our new building!  People even had to bring beach chairs because we didn't have any yet!


Since 1997, God has allowed our church to grow both deep and wide. The Lord has provided many wonderful and spiritually talented people who now call this church home. We have been blessed with gifted full time staff, exciting and out-of-the-box ministries, a relevant presence in the newspapers and on the radio, and multiple Celebration Services. 


Even though we have a rich past, we believe that our best days are still to come! This is the most exciting time to be a part of what God is doing at The Lighthouse Church and we would be honored to have you join us in our adventure!