For the one struggling with addiction...and for those who love them.

CURE is a clearing house of services, agencies, facilities, and ministries that address three key aspects of addiction: the need for helping, healing, and hoping.

Call: 609-778-2009 (Voicemail Hotline)


Our mission is to help people change their habits, behaviors, and relationships through the many services, agencies, resources, and ministries available.  Our goal includes addressing their spiritual and emotional needs by reaching out to them with Gospel solutions through the Word and work of Jesus Christ.




The path to recovery begins when you recognize you need help. CURE volunteers are here to meet you wherever you are.

Recovery is your time to heal. We understand the challenges you face now are unique, but we are here to walk with you through support groups and resources that promote healing from addiction.

We want you to experience hope again in your life, and we believe it is possible. We offer a time of prayer support, fellowship, and hospitality every Thursday to encourage you as you learn how to hope again.

"the Face"